What do we do?

Inverness City Heritage Trust has been set up to take a strategic view of the repair and maintenance needs of the buildings forming the historic core of the city and to co-ordinate a programme of conservation work funded by grant assistance. The Trust will also give advice, produce publications and organise events and exhibitions for people interested in the history of buildings and architecture in Inverness, Scotland.

Summary of public benefits

Historic buildings are the heart of many urban communities and give people a sense of place and identity – Inverness City Heritage Trust aims to help to promote the wealth of historic buildings within the central area of Inverness and revitalise the city centre for both locals and visitors alike.

When and why was it started?

The decision to create a City Heritage Trust Scheme in Inverness was made late in 2002 by Historic Scotland as a result of their involvement in the “Cities Review”.  This document makes reference to the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, with a suggestion that it could serve as a model for other Scottish Cities. City Heritage Schemes have been operating successfully for some time in Glasgow and in Edinburgh. They have shown to be instrumental in encouraging a continuing and sustainable use of historic buildings, as well as contributing to urban regeneration, the local economy and tourism initiatives.


The objects for which the Trust is established are to promote and encourage, either on its own or in conjunction with others, the protection and preservation of historic, architectural and landscape heritage within Inverness and its environs by any means all for the benefit of the general public now and in the future.

The trust has the power to allocate grants and co-ordinate a range of other activity in order to:

  • safeguard and enhance the quality and value of the historic environment;
  • promote the understanding, enjoyment and sustainable management of the heritage resource;
  • help develop cultural awareness, appreciation and a sense of place;
  • increase the attraction of the area as a place to live and visit;
  • promote the competitive advantage of and help regenerate historic places; and
  • add value to and amplify existing statutory and partnership initiatives.

The Trust has committed funding from the Scottish Executive until March 2020.